Can I renew my car licence at capitec bank

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Currently you can renew your car licence at capitec through the capitec banking app in 4 easy steps. 

Download the Capitec App Here.

Car licence renewal at capitec

The app is designed with your convenience in mind, with quick and simple navigation, as well as the following added features:

Other Ways to Renew your Car Licence

Car licence Disck renewal made easy

We recently stumbled upon the ChatBack service, a company claiming to go the extra mile in customer service by enabling you to renew your car licence in a few simple steps.

It’s as simple as saving the service’s number – +2766-202-6685 – on your phone and going through the prompts. Alternatively, scan the QR code included below or SMS Renew to 44155.

If you use WhatsApp, take note of the green tick next to the number. More on that later.

How to renew a car licence over Whatsapp

When using the WhatsApp chat, you need to send the word ‘Renew’ as a message and wait for the automated response.

I selected the first option – Get a quote and renew my vehicle licence – but you can also select one of the following options:


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) [2]
  • View and image of how the renewal process works [3]
  • Fine Reduction Service [4]

Once I selected [1], I was asked to enter my vehicle’s registration number and the expiry date on the disc.

Then, choose between a paperless delivery method or a delivery straight to your door. If you choose the first option, Chatback will send a PDF via WhatsApp, while a to-door delivery will consist of the physical copy.

You will then be provided with a quote and a link to make the payment, which is required before Chatback proceeds with the renewal process.

Car licence renewal: Docs needed

All in all, you’ll need to supply your delivery address, a photo of your driver’s licence, a copy of your proof of residence and your email address.

It took me less than 15 minutes to walk through the steps. Do ensure you have all your documentation ready before starting the process though.

The service costs R920, which includes the cost of a disc renewal and additional fees.

Is ChatBack trustworthy?

Chatback launched in 2019 and is safe to use. Back in 2020, Chief Executive Officer Jan Kotze said on SABC’s The Full View the service has all the necessary data protection measures in place.

Kotze said Chatback’s purpose was to “take care of the things which are a schlep in your life, to make it simple”. The licence renewal services was the company’s first offering.

Kotze said Chatback was the only WhatsApp approved licence renewal service in the world (at the time), hence the green tick next to the number in the app.

“We’ve done a lot of work to make sure everything is secure. It’s up to world standards, set up from a technology perspective. […] We also partner with some of the major banks and they’re very happy with what we’ve set up in terms of security”.

Below is a table summarizing the prices to renew a vehicle licence with various service providers in South Africa:

Service Provider Available Provinces Service Fee Delivery Fee Total Cost
PayCity Gauteng, City of Cape Town (metro only), Free State, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and North West Included Included R113.85
Post Office All R72 R75 R147
Natis All R72 R99 R171
FNB Gauteng and City of Cape Town R199 Included R199
Spar All R199 Included R199
Pick n Pay All except the Western Cape R250 R79.99 R329.99

This table provides a clear comparison of the costs associated with renewing a vehicle licence through different service providers across various provinces in South Africa, including both the service fee and any delivery fees that apply.


Online Guide & Cost for Renewing Your Driver’s License in South Africa in 2024


Renewing your driver’s license in South Africa is a straightforward process with the Natis Online platform, despite each province having its unique process. Understanding the different types of licenses (learner’s, provisional, or full) and their renewal timeframes is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for renewing a driver’s license online in South Africa?

  • Register or log in on the Natis Online portal.
  • Fill in your license details.
  • Pay the renewal fee.
  • Print the receipt and visit a licensing center if required.

How much does it cost to renew a driver’s license?

  • Initial renewal fee: R600.00
  • Annual renewal: R150.00

Can international students renew their learner’s permit online?

Yes, international students can renew their learner’s permit online if they have previously converted their foreign license to a South African one.

Renewal Process for Different License Types

Learner’s Permit

  • Eligibility: Must exchange foreign license if an international student and reside in South Africa for three years.
  • Online Registration: Available on the Natis website for easy renewal and other traffic-related services.
  • Steps for Renewal:
    1. Register on the Natis website.
    2. Receive an SMS with a new PIN.
    3. Log in with license details and PIN.
    4. Pay the renewal fee (R165 for conversion, avoiding the R195 fee for a new permit).

Provisional and Full License

  • Online Renewal: Supported through Natis Online with an existing account.
  • Procedure:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions after logging in.
    • Select your province and complete the renewal steps.

Checking License Renewal Status

  • After application, check your status online by entering your ID number on the Natis website.

License Renewal Fees

  • Initial fee: R600.00
  • Annual fee: R150.00
  • Payment methods: Credit/debit card, cash at Standard Bank, or EFT.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Renewal


  • Convenience and flexibility.
  • Avoids in-person DMV visits.
  • Streamlined application process.


  • Requires internet access.
  • Security concerns.
  • Challenges for those not adept with computers.
  • Website may experience overloads.

Renewing your driver’s license online in South Africa through Natis offers a practical solution for managing your driving credentials efficiently, despite the potential challenges and varying requirements across provinces.