How do I check my car tickets?

To check your car tickets or traffic fines in South Africa, you can typically do so through various methods provided by the issuing authority or municipality. Here’s how you can check your car tickets or traffic fines:

Online Methods:

  1. Municipal Websites: Visit the website of the municipality where the fine was issued. Look for a section related to traffic fines or ticket inquiries. Enter your vehicle registration number or ID number to check for outstanding fines.
  2. Online Services: Some municipalities have online portals or dedicated platforms where you can enter your vehicle details or personal information to view any outstanding fines associated with your vehicle.

Call or Visit Municipal Offices:

  1. Contact Municipal Offices: Call or visit the municipality’s traffic department or relevant offices. Inquire about the procedure to check for traffic fines and provide them with your vehicle registration number or ID number for assistance.

Mobile Applications:

  1. Mobile Apps: Some municipalities might have mobile applications that allow you to check for traffic fines. Download the app provided by the municipality and follow the instructions to access fine information.

Third-Party Services:

  1. Third-Party Websites: There are some online services that aggregate traffic fine information from various municipalities. You can use these services by providing your vehicle details to check for any outstanding fines across different regions.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure that you have accurate vehicle registration details or personal information when checking for fines.
  • The availability of online services or methods to check fines might vary depending on the issuing authority or municipality.
  • Always use official or trusted platforms to check for fines to avoid providing sensitive information to unauthorized sources.

By using these methods, you should be able to check for any outstanding traffic fines associated with your vehicle in South Africa.