Where can I check my traffic fines?

The payCity website and app give you an easy and convenient way to view and make payment for your traffic fines online.

payCity accesses fine information for fines issued against the CPA (Criminal Procedures Act) as well as fines issued against the AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) Act.

The payCity website is a viewing and payment portal that allows offenders to view the full offence details and also view images and documents associated to the traffic fine where available.

Payment for the traffic fine or infringement can then also be made either via credit / debit card or via instant EFT.

We have been appointed by the various Issuing Authorities that we collect payments for as a collection partner and fines are marked as paid in real time on the issuing authority’s contravention system.

Any notices that have been issued under the AARTO Act that have moved to an enforcement order status and are blocking your vehicle licence renewal will, when paid through payCity immediately be cleared and the block lifted.