Can I renew my drivers licence at Pick n Pay?

Vehicle Licence Disc Renewals

Register online to renew your vehicle licence disc and pay in-store

Pick n Pay’s Vehicle Licence Disc Renewal Service is a hassle-free way of renewing your vehicle licence disc. Register online and enjoy these benefits:

  • Skip the queues at traffic departments and post offices, pay in-store at a Pick n Pay till point
  • Payments can be done at Pick n Pay Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
  • Avoid pesky penalty fees, to get your South African vehicle licence renewal paid on time with renewal notifications to remind you before your current disc expires
  • Renewals can be done for all areas in South Africa
  • Pay any outstanding fines that could be blocking your disc renewal in the same payment
  • Receive your vehicle licence disc via courier within 10 business days*

How it Works

*Service fees are applicable. Services and rates only apply to privately owned vehicles (no fleets). Disc delivery timelines may vary depending on your location. 10 business days are only applicable to vehicle licence discs that have not expired. Ts&Cs apply.

How to set up a profile?

Once on the Pick n Pay Vehicle Licence Disc Online Renewal Portal, provide your details and set up your password to complete your profile. Once your profile has been set up, you can add the details of your vehicle(s) to the Vehicles section on the portal. You’ll also receive renewal notifications before your disc expires via your chosen communication preference that you’ve selected on the portal.

Capture a renewal

When you are ready to renew your vehicle licence disc, capture your renewal in the My Renewals section on the Portal. Make sure you have uploaded the required documentation below and captured the physical address you would like the disc to be delivered to, before setting up your payment.

Documentation to be uploaded onto the portal:
  • a clear image of ID document or card
  • a copy of your existing vehicle licence disc
  • proof of residence (no older than 3 months)

You will need to wait for the renewal cost to be updated on the portal before setting up a payment.. Your renewal cost will be updated as follows:

  • If your disc expires in the next/following month: The renewal cost is populated on the Portal within 1 – 3 business days after the 21st of the current month. E.g. If your disc expires in April 2022, the renewal cost will be populated 1-3 business days after 21 March 2022.
  • If your disc has already expired: The renewal cost can take up to 7 business days to confirm in order to check for any penalties etc.
  • If your disc is not up for renewal yet: The cost is only populated 3 days after the 21st of the month before the disc expires.

You will receive an SMS or email notifying you that your renewal cost has been updated and you can view the cost in the My Renewals section on the portal.

Payment of vehicle licence renewals

Once the renewal cost has been updated, you can then select Renew this Licence to set up a payment for your vehicle licence renewal and select to make payment in a Pick n Pay store. Note: You will not be able to set up a payment on the portal or make payment in-store until the renewal cost has updated on the portal. Your vehicle licence disc renewal payment will include the following, which is automatically added to your payment amount:

  • The amount for the licence renewal
  • A licence disc renewal admin fee of R250 (including VAT)
  • A delivery fee of R99.99 (including VAT)

If there are any outstanding fines that are blocking your renewal, you will have the option to select these fines in the Fines section on the portal to include in your payment. If you do not settle these fines, your disc cannot be renewed. The payment amount provided on the portal will be linked to your mobile number, which you can provide as a reference when making payment in-store.

Delivery of vehicle licence discs

Your vehicle licence disc will be couriered to your chosen address within 10 business days after your payment and required documentation have been received. The delivery fee will be included in the total payment amount for the disc renewal.

Customer Support:

For Customer Support during business hours email:
You can also log your queries on the portal by clicking on the support icon to receive assistance quickly.