Can I renew my driving Licence after it expires?

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In South Africa, your driving license is valid for a period of five years from date of issue. When your license gets to four years and ten months, you should approach your local traffic department for a re-issue. The license usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to issue, and you should receive your new license before the current one expires.

If your license has expired before you have requested or received a new one, you will have to have a temporary permit issued to bridge the gap, or you will not be legally allowed to drive.

Getting your license reissued is relatively simple and requires you to go to your local licensing department for an eye test, and to pay the re-issue fee. Four to six weeks later you will be given your new license card and you’re good for the next five years. There are some instances where you can take an eye-test at an optometrist beforehand, but some licensing offices still require an on-site test. Make a phone call to the testing centre to find out exactly what is required of you, and how much money to bring.

1. What to bring (if your card is still valid):

  • Your ID book, temporary ID or passport;
  • A copy of your ID;
  • Your current driver’s license;
  • Four ID photos;
  • Money for your renewal fee; (contact your local licensing office to find out the cost – in Cape Town it’s R140 but it varies from region to region, in Gauteng you’re looking at about R228);
  • Proof of residence.

2.  If your card has expired, bring the following:

  • The same as stipulated in 1, above, but you’ll need two extra ID photos;
  • Another R45 (in Cape Town, but it’s more expensive in Gauteng, at around R72) for your your temporary license, which is issued immediately. 

3. If your card got stolen or is missing:

  • The same as stipulated in 1 and 2;
  • An affidavit from the police which states your card was stolen or lost.

For all the other info and a list of licensing offices (and their contact numbers) in every province, you can visit the website HERE.

You can also download the relevant form HERE and fill it in before you go.