How do I upgrade from code 8 to 10?

To upgrade from a Code 8 driver’s license to a Code 10 driver’s license in South Africa, you will need to follow these general steps:

  1. Learner’s License: Ensure that you already have a valid Code 8 learner’s license. If you don’t have one, you will need to apply for and pass the Code 8 learner’s license test at your nearest licensing department.
  2. Training: Enroll in a reputable driving school or training institution that offers Code 10 driver’s license training. They will provide you with the necessary knowledge and practical instruction to operate heavy motor vehicles.
  3. Book and Complete a Driving Test: Schedule and book a driving test with your local licensing department. The driving test for a Code 10 license typically involves both a yard (off-road) test and an on-road test.
  4. Yard Test: During the yard test, you will be evaluated on various maneuvers and exercises specific to driving heavy motor vehicles. These may include tasks like reversing, alley docking, parallel parking, and others. Practice and demonstrate your ability to control the vehicle and complete the required maneuvers accurately and safely.
  5. On-road Test: Once you pass the yard test, you will proceed to the on-road test. This test assesses your ability to drive a heavy motor vehicle on public roads, adhering to traffic rules and regulations. The examiner will evaluate your driving skills, awareness, and ability to handle the vehicle in various traffic situations.
  6. Pass the Tests: Successfully complete both the yard and on-road tests to meet the requirements for a Code 10 driver’s license. If you pass the tests, the licensing department will issue you a Code 10 driver’s license.

It’s important to note that the exact procedures and requirements may vary slightly based on the licensing department or province. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult your preferred licensing authority or visit their official website for specific instructions and up-to-date information on upgrading from Code 8 to Code 10 in your area.