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Organisation : National Traffic Information System
Facility Name : Online Client Registration FAQs
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NATIS Online Client Registration

NaTIS Online Services. Use the provided links to either book an appointment, register as a road traffic user or; report a minor crash.

Online Client Registration FAQs

When registering my profile, the application indicates I do not exist?
Your identity is validated against NaTIS, if you receive an error that you do not exist, it is either that your identification details supplied does not exist on NaTIS or; that it was incorrectly captured. For example, on the NaTIS you are registered as AB Surname and you only entered A Surname. If you’re a company your business name must be entered as it appears on your Business Registration Number Certificate (BRNC).

When registering my company profile, the application indicates my proxy does not exist?
Your proxy identity is validated against NaTIS, if you receive an error that your proxy does not exist, it is either that your identification details supplied does not exists on NaTIS or that the proxy details entered does not match the records on NaTIS. Please go to your nearest Registering Authority to correct or update your company’s proxy particulars with all the supporting documentation required.

My driver or learner license number is not working when attempting to register my profile?
Please ensure that you entered the correct license number as it appears on your driver’s license card or the control number as it appears on your learner’s license.

I want to register my profile but I have no email or cellular phone number?
To be able to register your profile online to receive the service(s) offered, it is compulsory to enter either a valid email address, cellular phone number or both. You will have to also select your preferred method of contact and accept to receive electronic communications from NaTIS before continuing.

Upon registering your company profile, what email is required?
The email address recorded will be the email address that your company receives communication from NaTIS. This will not update your proxy’s contact details on NaTIS.

I did not receive my one time pin (OTP)?
Go back to your contact details and ensure that you have entered your email address or cellular phone number correctly. If it is correct, please select resend OTP. If you still do not receive your OTP please contact our call centre via email – or contact us on 0861 400 800.

My one time pin (OTP) entered does not want to work?
Your one time pin (OTP) is only valid for 2 minutes. Please select resend OTP to receive a new OTP and retry.

Why must I complete my details again to view my renewal notice(s) if I registered my profile?
This is a security measure for the use of the online services to validate your credentials, an OTP will be sent to your preferred contact number supplied when you registered your profile.

Why can’t I view my vehicle renewal notice(s)?
You can only view a vehicle(s) with a license that will expire in the following two months. If your vehicle(s) has already expired and is past the 21-day grace period, you cannot download/email/SMS your notice.

What is my vehicle renewal notice (MVL2) for?
The MVL2 – Assessment for renewal of motor vehicle license is used by NaTIS service centres (Post Office or Registering Authority) to renew your vehicle’s license without having to complete the Application for License of Motor Vehicle (ALV) form.

I can’t download my vehicle renewal notice(s)?
Please ensure that you have the Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC or that your pop-up blocker is not activated.

What is SMS notice number?
The SMS notice number will send a SMS to your cellular phone number that contains your license plate number, vehicle notice number and the amount due for renewing your license. This SMS can be presented at your nearest NaTIS service centre (Post Office or Registering Authority) to renew your vehicle’s license.

I can’t email my vehicle renewal notice(s) or SMS my notice number?
To be able to email your vehicle renewal notice or SMS your notice number, you must have registered an email address or cellular phone number upon registration.


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