Registration of a vehicle built up from parts

To apply for registration of a vehicle built up by using various parts you will need the following:

  • A duly completed application form RLV.
  • Your RSA identity document (if you are a local resident) or an identity document issued by a foreign country (if you are a person not permanently resident in the Republic) or a traffic register number certificate.
  • A certificate of incorporation or name change as issued in terms of the Companies Act if the vehicle is to be registered to a company.
  • A founding statement or a certificate of name change issued in terms of the Close Corporations Act if the vehicle is to be registered to a close corporation.
  • An affidavit on form SOA (which can be downloaded from this website) stating the parts used and the person from whom such parts were acquired. You must attach the receipts of the purchase or donation of such parts to this form.
  • If such motor vehicle has been built up from a motor vehicle which has become permanently unfit for use as a motor vehicle and has been deregistered, the deregistration certificate in respect of such motor vehicle, or an affidavit containing evidence of the fact that the motor vehicle was previously permanently unfit for use.
  • A South African Police Service clearance of the motor vehicle.
  • A mass measuring certificate. Please note the following:
  • In order to obtain a mass measuring certificate it is advised that you contact your local registering authority for the contact details of a facility that offers this service.
  • A South African Police Service clearance will only be issued after your registering authority has issued you with a referral. After the referral has been issued the registration certificate of the vehicle has to be presented to the SAPS in order for the process to be initiated.
  • Should you be submitting an affidavit you are advised to contact your local registering authority regarding the level of detail expected.
  • The registering authority will perform an assessment of your application and you will pay the fees as prescribed by your province, if the application is acceptable.

A code 3 vehicle is ‘Built-up’

The state indicates that the

  • Source of the vehicle is not a known manufacturer or
  • Vehicle has at any stage been reported as unfit for use (scrapped). The choice to declare a vehicle unfit for use, is that of the owner. The owner notifies the authority of his decision. The title- holder has to deregister the vehicle 3 months after the owner decided to scrap the vehicle.

E-NaTis Codes 

The four life cycle status codes for a motor vehicle are:

Code 1 – New motor vehicles delivered by a dealer to the first owner.
Code 2 – A code 2 vehicle is a vehicle that has more than one owner, code 2 refers to the status of the vehicle.
Code 3 – A code 3 motor vehicle is a code 1 or 2 motor vehicle involved in an accident, and subsequently being declared unfit for use as a motor vehicle. Such motor vehicles may be rebuilt, however, the code 3 status will reflect on the allocation, the vehicle will have to undergo stringent procedures set out in the legislation. A motor vehicle that is “built-up or permanently unfit for use” when the extent of the damage includes structural defects that require substantial rebuilding.
Code 4 – A code 4 vehicle is permanently unfit for use on the road. This vehicle status will
be permanently demolished. This vehicle can only be used for spare parts.