Can I change my learners license code?

Yes, you can change your learner’s license code in South Africa if you meet the requirements for the new code that you wish to apply for. To change your learner’s license code, you will need to follow these steps: If you pass both the written and yard tests, you will be issued a new learner’s … Read more

Can I do Code 14 with Code 10 learners?

No, you cannot do a Code 14 with a Code 10 learner’s license in South Africa. In order to apply for a Code 14 learner’s license, you must already hold a valid Code 10 driver’s license and meet the other requirements for the Code 14 license, such as being at least 18 years old, passing … Read more

Code 14 licence Price

South African Traffic Department Fees Learners Licence Booking of Learners Learners: R68Learners Licence Issue: R33Photos: R40 Light Motor Vehicle CODE 08 (B) Driving Licence test booking: R135Driving Licence issue: R140 Heavy Motor Vehicle CODE 10 (C1) – CODE 14 (EC) Driving Licence test booking: R200Driving Licence issue: R140 PrDP PrDP issue: R90Police Clearance: R90Doctor’s clearance: … Read more