Can I renew my SA drivers licence with online banking?

South Africans can book their driver’s licence renewal online through the NaTIS system by following these steps: Remember, even though you’ve booked your driver’s licence renewal online, you still need to visit the DLTC to get your eye tests and fingerprints done.

Can I renew my SA drivers licence online banking?

No, currently in South Africa, it is not possible to renew your driver’s license through online banking with FNB (First National Bank) or any other bank. Driver’s license renewal is typically handled by the relevant government department or authority, such as the Department of Transport in South Africa. To renew your driver’s license in South … Read more

Can I renew my car licence at standard bank

Standard Bank is unable to advise you on that. We do not assist with license renewals. Please visit the link below for assistance. About renewing your drivers’ licence You must renew your driving licence card four weeks before its expiry date. If you renew it after the expiry date, you will have to apply for … Read more

FNB license renewal Status

How do I track my licence renewal progress? It’s easy to view the progress of your licence renewal on the FNB App. You will also be sent a message on the FNB App alerting* you to new updates relating to your licence renewal. You can also track your licence renewal progress by following these steps: … Read more

FNB drivers license renewal

FNB has launched its new Nav Car smart solution, expanding on the Nav tool launched for its banking app last year. The new platform allows users to renew their licence disc by scanning the disc with their smartphone and paying for the renewal using in-app payments. The licence disc is then delivered to the user’s door … Read more