FNB drivers license renewal

FNB has launched its new Nav Car smart solution, expanding on the Nav tool launched for its banking app last year. The new platform allows users to renew their licence disc by scanning the disc with their smartphone and paying for the renewal using in-app payments.

The licence disc is then delivered to the user’s door and the user is charged a handling and delivery fee of R199.

FNB app users can also renew a dependent’s licence on their behalf and have it delivered to them using the Nav Car platform.

Nav Car includes a number of new features which help users manage their vehicle-related payments, including on-the-go traffic fine notifications, vehicle finance management, and licence disc renewal notifications.

The platform’s traffic fine shortcuts allow users to receive instant fine notifications and pay their fines with in-app payments.

Customers can also pay a monthly fee of R95 for the Nav Car On-road Protect bundle, which offers vehicle licence renewal for up to five licence discs with free delivery, fine discounts negotiated on the user’s behalf, bail assistance at roadblocks, and Road Accident Fund claim assistance.

“Nav from FNB provides customers with the ability to navigate their financial journey and provides new smart tools that will help manage their life in a simpler manner,” said Nav Chief Imagineer Jolandé Duvenage.

“It’s like a financial GPS that steers the way whenever you need it, always keeping you in the driving seat,” she said.

All learner’s licences, driving licence cards, temporary driving licences and professional driving permits that expire during the period that commenced from 26 March 2020 up to and including 31 March 2022 are deemed to be valid and their validity periods are extended for a further grace period ending on 15 April 2022.  (Gazette 46168, 1 April 2022)

About renewing your drivers’ licence

You must renew your driving licence card four weeks before its expiry date. If you renew it after the expiry date, you will have to apply for a temporary driving licence at an additional cost while waiting for your driving licence to be issued.

Note: You will not be required to take a driving test when you renew your driving licence. You will undergo eye testing and your fingerprints will be taken. Alternatively, you can have your eyes tested by an optometrist and submit the report at the driving licence testing centre (DLTC). If your sight has worsened from the date on which your licence was issued, new conditions will be attached to your licence.

What you should do

  1. Go to your nearest DLTC with the following:
    • Identity document (ID) and a copy of your ID, old driving licence card or valid South African passport
    • Four black-and-white ID photographs (before you have photographs taken confirm with the DLTC how many photos they require)
    • Proof of residential address e.g. utility account. If the utility bill is not in your name, the of owner of the bill must make an affidavit declaring that you live at the address and the utility bill must be attached to the affidavit. 
    • If you stay at an informal settlement, you must bring a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor confirming your residential address
    • Prescribed application fee.
  2. All Gauteng residents should apply online for the renewal: https://online.natis.gov.za/#/
  3. Complete form DL1: Application for renewal of driving licence card.
  4. Complete the notification of change of address or particulars of person or organisation (NCP) form.
  5. You will do an eye test or you can do it at an optometrist of your choice and take your results to the DLTC.

How long does it take

Your new driving licence will be ready in four to six weeks.

How much does it cost

Contact your local licencing office to find out the cost.

Forms to complete

Application for renewal of driver’s licence (DL1). The form is available at the driving licence testing centre.