How much do I owe for my licence disc?

To find out how much you owe for your license disc (vehicle license renewal) in South Africa, you can follow these steps: Visit the eNatis website: Open your web browser and go to the official eNatis website, which is operated by the South African government. Access the “Vehicle Enquiry” section: On the eNatis website, look … Read more


GAUTENG MOTOR VEHICLE LICENCE FEES       TARE TYPE OF VEHICLE Exceeding Not Exceeding Rigid vehicles* Trailers and semi-trailors         0 kg 250 kg R216,00 R216,00 250 kg 500 kg R324,00 R240,00 500 kg 750 kg R360,00 R360,00 750 kg 1 000 kg R384,00 R408,00 1 000 kg 1 250 kg … Read more