What happens to unpaid traffic fines?

Unpaid traffic fines in South Africa can lead to various consequences if they are not addressed or settled within the specified timeframe. Here are some potential outcomes of unpaid traffic fines: Escalation of Penalties: Increased Fines: Fines often have deadlines for payment. If the deadline passes without payment, the fine might increase due to late … Read more

How long do you have to pay a traffic fine?

In South Africa, the time given to pay a traffic fine can vary based on the issuing authority and the specific fine. Typically, traffic fines come with a specified payment deadline indicated on the fine notice. The deadline is usually stated clearly, indicating the date by which the fine must be paid. The payment deadline … Read more

Can I reduce my traffic fine?

In South Africa, there are certain circumstances where you may be able to reduce or negotiate a traffic fine, although it depends on various factors: Possible Options to Reduce Traffic Fines: Payment Options: Some municipalities or traffic departments offer discounts for early payment of fines. There might be a specified period within which you can … Read more