Can you pay traffic fines at Pick n Pay?

In South Africa, some Pick n Pay stores or outlets may offer the service of paying certain bills and fines, including traffic fines. However, it’s important to note that not all Pick n Pay stores necessarily provide this service. To determine if you can pay traffic fines at a specific Pick n Pay store: Visit … Read more

Can you pay traffic fines on Nedbank App?

Major South African banks, including Nedbank, offers the functionality to pay traffic fines through their banking apps or online platforms. However, specific functionalities within banking apps can change over time, and new features may have been added since then. To determine if you can pay traffic fines through the Nedbank app: Open the App: Log … Read more

Can I pay a traffic fine at Pick n Pay?

Yes, it is possible to pay traffic fines at certain Pick n Pay stores in South Africa. Pick n Pay has partnered with various municipalities and traffic departments to offer a service called “Pay@.” This service allows customers to make payments for various services, including traffic fines, at participating Pick n Pay stores. To pay … Read more