How long does it take to do a drivers license in South Africa?

The time it takes to get a driver’s license in South Africa can vary depending on several factors such as the type of license you are applying for, the backlog of applications at the licensing department, and how quickly you complete the necessary steps. For a first-time driver’s license applicant in South Africa, the process … Read more

How Track my license card

The Motor Vehicle Crashes section on the NaTIS website also makes it easy for people to report accidents online instead of calling the South Africa Police Services, Insurances, or Emergency Rescuers to report the incidents. Please note that you cannot apply for a drivers license in South Africa for free, and the relevant authorities at NaTIS dispose of driving … Read more

Are You Still waiting for your new driving licence card? Here’s how to check if it’s ready

Driving licence renewals can be a painful experience for most South Africans, but it’s also a breeze for others and a pretty pleasant occasion.  Earlier in September this year, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula proudly announced that the waiting period for new driving licence cards had been cut down from 58 days to only ten working … Read more

New driving licence renewal system for South Africa coming in 2023

The Department of Transport says that its ‘smart enrolment’ trial in certain testing centres this year proved to be a success, with the plans to roll out the system to the rest of the country in 2023. Transport minister Fikile Mbalula said that the smart enrolment solution was successfully piloted at the Waterfall and Eco-Park … Read more

How do I check my natis license card? Check Your Licence Card : National Traffic Information System Organization : National Traffic Information SystemService Name : Check Your Licence CardApplicable For : Citizen of South Africa NATIS Check Your Licence Card This service is used to validate and check your licence card How to Book? Just follow the below steps to Check Your Licence Card Steps :Step … Read more

Driver’s License Renewal Status In South Africa

Residents and citizens of South Africa check their driver’s licenses renewal status online. This online system to check driver license renewal status in south africa was introduced in 2018. It aimed to cut down the long queues of people who come for the renewal process and confirm the renewal status. After these services, a person … Read more

Check Licence Renewal Status

With a generally slow turn around time and several delays in recent months, renewing your driver’s licence in South Africa can give anyone a feeling of hopelessness as you wait months on end to hear back from your licencing department. Luckily there’s an SMS service for you to check on the progress of your renewal. … Read more