Are You Still waiting for your new driving licence card? Here’s how to check if it’s ready

Driving licence renewals can be a painful experience for most South Africans, but it’s also a breeze for others and a pretty pleasant occasion.  Earlier in September this year, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula proudly announced that the waiting period for new driving licence cards had been cut down from 58 days to only ten working … Read more

Drivers licence renewal appointment

Drivers Licence Renewal Online : How to Get An Appointment How to Book Online for Your AppointmentStep 1: Visit the website of natis to begin. Ensure that you have quick internet else the whole process will be very slow for you. You can do this on your phone right now without having to wait to use a … Read more

How do I check my natis license card? Check Your Licence Card : National Traffic Information System Organization : National Traffic Information SystemService Name : Check Your Licence CardApplicable For : Citizen of South Africa NATIS Check Your Licence Card This service is used to validate and check your licence card How to Book? Just follow the below steps to Check Your Licence Card Steps :Step … Read more