Can I renew My car licence at spar

I always go to my local municipality 07h50 and wait in line for them to open, in and out in under 20 minutes every year.But only if you do it Tuesday to Thursday and never just after pay day, rather go mid month around the 15th.All mondays are very busy as people are queueing who … Read more

Can I Renew my car Licence at Checkers

With the emergence of the online renewal platform known as Renewonline in recent years, the stress people often experience while queuing at vehicle licencing centers has greatly reduced. In addition to making car licence renewal a hassle-free process with their online services, the platform has also established physical outlets where one can renew their vehicle licence disc. … Read more

Can I Renew My Car Licence at Postnet,

POSTNET | VEHICLE LICENCE RENEWALS Avoid the queues by renewing your vehicle licence at PostNet. Please bring the following with you: A copy of your Identity Document Vehicle Registration Number  Proof of Residence not older than 3 months Turnaround time is 7 to 9 working days, depending on area. Service fee is R230 including VAT. … Read more

Can I renew my drivers licence at Pick n Pay?

Vehicle Licence Disc Renewals Register online to renew your vehicle licence disc and pay in-store Pick n Pay’s Vehicle Licence Disc Renewal Service is a hassle-free way of renewing your vehicle licence disc. Register online and enjoy these benefits: Skip the queues at traffic departments and post offices, pay in-store at a Pick n Pay … Read more

Drivers licence renewal appointment

Drivers Licence Renewal Online : How to Get An Appointment How to Book Online for Your AppointmentStep 1: Visit the website of natis to begin. Ensure that you have quick internet else the whole process will be very slow for you. You can do this on your phone right now without having to wait to use a … Read more

New driving licence renewal system for South Africa coming in 2023

The Department of Transport says that its ‘smart enrolment’ trial in certain testing centres this year proved to be a success, with the plans to roll out the system to the rest of the country in 2023. Transport minister Fikile Mbalula said that the smart enrolment solution was successfully piloted at the Waterfall and Eco-Park … Read more

How do I apply for renewal of my driving licence card?

RENEWAL OR REPLACEMENT OF AN RSA CREDIT-CARD-FORMAT DRIVING LICENCE Kindly note the following before reading this notice:* Your South African driving licence card serves as valid proof that you have a South African driving licence. When your driving licence card expires, it does not mean that your driving licence has expired – only that the … Read more

Drivers licence renewal online booking Learner’s Licence Test Booking : National Traffic Information System Organization : National Traffic Information SystemService Name : Learner’s Licence Test Booking OnlineApplicable For : Citizen of South AfricaWebsite : Drivers Licence Renewal Online : How to Get An Appointment How to Book Online for Your AppointmentStep 1: Visit the website of natis to begin. Ensure that you have a quick … Read more

Natis Registration Online Client Registration FAQs : National Traffic Information System

Organisation : National Traffic Information SystemFacility Name : Online Client Registration FAQsApplicable For : Citizen of South AfricaWebsite : NATIS Online Client Registration NaTIS Online Services. Use the provided links to either book an appointment, register as a road traffic user or; report a minor crash. Online Client Registration FAQs When registering my profile, the application indicates I do … Read more